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Temples in Mongolia

Shot in 2017

During a trip to Mongolia I ended up in this special budhist sanctuary. This was a place where 1500 monks lived spread out over 50 temples. In the 30's, during the Stalinism repressions in Mongolia, the soldiers destroyed 497 of them. Except for these tree. The story goes that soldiers became sick, blind or suddenly died while attacking this specific temple. They say that the power of the spirits made this temple survive.



SOS Kinderdorpen Ivory Coast


8 story’s of children in need in the Ivory Coast. Some of them already under the wings of SOS Childrenvillages, others still waiting for help or even living on the street.


Still the most intens experience so far. I made the agreement with myself to connect with the kids the least possible. Impossible if you want to capture them in daily life. I spended 24 hours with every kid, from waking up till going to bed. It felt so wrong to open up and give them the love they deserve. It was just for a short time. And I know, they just don’t understand.




The old and wise in Japan 


The longlivity in Japan got my attention. The big difference between the old and the young. Old traditions against new innovations. Is the old, that has known for ages, almost forgotten? I went there a month on my own with little cards and questions. What is their reason to get up every morning? What means life to them? What have they done yesterday? I came home with a book full of aswers in Japanese. When I recieved the translations I felt such a deep connection with the people I’ve met for 15 min each. Without words, just with smiles, sometimes a little awkward japanese hug and a lot of joy. Reading all those answers was the big cherry blossom on my pie.
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