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2017 / during the sakura period
I traveled to Japan for one month. Actually open for anything to happen. Very curious towards the longlivity and health, but still open. I had never expected that this trip would make such an imprint on me, till today. The gap between the beauty of the old traditions, the farming at home and the laid back life at the country side and the fast moving world of innovations and trends in the city. The gap between de elderly people and the youngsters. Like they come from different worlds. Why do we focus only on the new? Not only in the culture I have seen a lot of contratst, also in the nature. In the morning I could enjoy sunny sakura blossom and after a ride in the bullit train the misty and mystic mountains of the Japanese Alps tounched me. Oh, oh, Japan.

One side

The other side


/ October 2017 /    

I traveled to Mongolia to be mesmerized by the beauty of silence. The essence of purity. The way time and space seemed to vanish because everything felt so spacious and timeless.

Also in a place like Mongolia people smell the succes of tourism. When you visit an eagle festival and you stand between 99 other photographers with dollar signs in their eyes, I can’t feel any connection because of the lack of aunthenticity. It feels almost like a circus.

When you enter an 500 year old budhist sanctuary all those illusions dissapear like snow. It is there for ages, open for anyone after a long period of political repression. Likewise the ladscapes and rough nature sides. This place is timeless.

Sri Lanka Hmm that’s weird, but ok just go! The words of the car rental guy when we asked for a van to live in and if we could rent it for 2 months. Normally you rent a car with a driver, because the traffic is total chaos. We, me and a close friend, spend 3 months travelling in Sri Lanka. Being part of the real local community and seeing daily life in such a pure and untouched way. We slept in gardens of people or on driveways. A travel experience I will never forget.

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